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The East of England is a great choice for businesses looking to relocate. Whether you're thinking about moving your business to the region, or if you need larger premises or maybe you're considering setting up a new business, you'll need to know what options are available to you, from properties available to rent or to buy, to whether there's land available for you to build on yourself.

A range of options can be considered, from re-purposing premises with existing permissions for retail, office or tourism use in locations all over the borough, to brand new office and industrial premises. Check out the local authority sites;

Land and Premises - East Suffolk Means Business

Beacon Park

Great Yarmouth Energy Park

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The New Anglia LEP has also established numerous Enterprise Zones across our region. The Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft Enterprise Zone in particular, with six sites in and around the ports, aims to support growing clusters of energy related companies.

A number of major strategic innovation projects are proposed for development on several Enterprise Zone sites including new innovation precincts, incubators and business centres which will accelerate business growth in key higher value sectors as well as boosting innovative activity. These centres will connect into the wider innovation, science and research network to help enhance the ecosystem of high growth, high value businesses across Norfolk and Suffolk.

A new Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Campus for the energy sector is in development in Great Yarmouth. This project will capitalise on land in Borough Council ownership, close to the Southern North Sea wind farm arrays with access to deep water as well as the river port.